R&R Glass and Windows specializes in custom glass work, and we work closely with our clients to turn their design ideas into a reality.

We offer residential and commercial glass solutions in Chicago for all interior applications. There are no limitations to the creative design and custom fitting of our glass products, from shower doors for your home to glass walls for your office space.

For an elegant finish to your project, we provide hand crafted, custom painted and carved glass services.

Our Glass Facts

  • We have a variety of tempered glass options ranging from 1/4u to 3/4u in thickness.
  • We can be create framed or frameless glass.
  • We offer a variety of glass designs to suit your liking.
  • We install bullet resistant glass and counter turn styles.
  • Glass shelves range in thickness from 4” to 1” and are available in various colors.

Have an idea in mind? Are you looking for more than the standard?
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